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August 4, 2017

Top 5 Marketing Trends to Look Out For

Top 5 Marketing Trends

Marketing is continually evolving and to help those in the industry keep up with the pace we have created a list of our top marketing trends or opportunities:

  1. Video

Video and in particular live streaming have taken the online world by storm and Marketers are taking full advantage. Video is no longer restricted to YouTube anymore we have outlets such as Facebook and Instagram that are now becoming heavily video focused. An interesting take away for Marketers is that Google rewards sites featuring video content which will mean your awareness and traffic are positively affected. With video now accounting for at least half of mobile traffic the rise in video sharing and video content creation, particularly on social platforms has exploded.

  1. Data Driven emails

Personalisation or segmenting content to reach a particular audience based on preferences etc. has been a commonly adopted strategy to date and for good reason. In a time where there is too much content and not enough time, data driven emails and personalisation is the key to grabbing attention in a distracted world.

  1. Purpose Driven Marketing

The feel good marketing efforts delivered by brands tend to be achieved by partnering with non for profits or charities. These initiatives hold a strong presence in the minds of consumers because the story resonates in their hearts and effects or has affected their loved ones. There are many ways of giving back to communities but most importantly it needs to be authentic and organic. Cause based marketing works effectively when brands focus their attention on ensuring they support causes that their target audience feels are important without sacrificing profitability.

  1. Augmented Reality

Augmented reality is one that has captured the minds of not only the tech community but popular culture in recent years. It has and will continue to become a viable choice for Marketers whom wish to bring digital into the present world. With digital discovery and experimentation at our fingertips more than ever before, brands will be taking huge interest in AR. It’s very likely to play centre stage in Marketing Plans of the near future which will accommodate the changing nature of consumer behaviour and future media spends.

  1. Interactive Content

Interactive content comes in many forms from polls to calculators and even competitions. In the current marketing landscape, engagement and loyalty are central for brands to succeed. Interactive content endeavours to achieve this through generating more consumer confidence and enjoyment via this dynamic content. Simply, when compared to static content consumers are twice as likely to engage when interactive content and as a result lead generation and conversions are increased. Readers no longer want to passively consume they want to actively participate and we need to cater for this.

The reality is that digital doesn’t just move it take’s off and with technologies evolving rapidly so too do customers. As a result marketing activities of companies need to keep up with both the application of these trends and developing the knowledge and skill set to use them. Speak to our friendly team at Sales-Promotions and ask us how we can help allocate your budget to meet your business needs.