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November 7, 2017

The Top 10 Digital Marketing Services to Outsource in 2018

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You’ve brought your business online, you’ve established your social media platforms, and you’ve set your sights on running targeted campaigns and advertisements to engage audiences. You’re going in the right direction, but it’s still a lot of work to handle in-house. Businesses turn to outsourcing in ever growing numbers – yet, the question remains: what digital marketing services are best left to the professionals? Drawing from current trends and personal experience, Sales-Promotions presents the top 10 contenders:


Email has survived since the dawn of digital marketing and assumes the role of the bedrock in all communication with customers. Inexpensive and easily adaptable to promotions and campaigns, email marketing conveys information directly to existing customers and, when used correctly, gains you new ones. With mobile devices ubiquitous, you can now reach anyone at any time. Email is still fundamental, but its long history demands a refined approach to use it effectively. At Sales-Promotions, we focus on the delivery of targeted, optimised and automated emails to ensure streamlined conversations between you and your customers.


Visibility and brand recognition are the two resources every company covets more than anything in today’s business climate. Many brands have gone to fully integrate social media platforms into their marketing output. Social media for the most part puts little to no financial strain on marketing budgets and opens direct communication channels with customers.

Short term results see conversion rates and inbound traffic improve steadily while, in the long term, it’s brand loyalty and better customer experience that are cultivated. However, social media is time demanding and time sensitive. Consistency and timing are everything. Keeping a hire to just build your social media presence is not feasible for many companies – a perfect reason to outsource.


Control search engines and you control traffic to your site and services. Paid search takes you to the first page of results, stays within any budget and adapts to your goals – the right combination to guarantee a successful outcome every time. Promotions and time-sensitive campaigns respond to paid search stimulation, and product launches benefit from immediate visibility. Between region-specific targeting to competing for top market positions against many rivals, paid search campaign efforts tax resources (time for research, precise targeting and analysis) that may not be available.


Consult with any marketing expert and you’ll hear the same thing; “Your business can’t survive the digital era without SEO.” SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) is your lifeline when it comes to longevity online. SEO allows customers to find your products and services – something no business can survive without. It’s a long-term process that alters frequently to adapt to changes in search engine’s algorithms and standards. Having a dedicated team in-house to manage your brand’s wellbeing is not feasible for many businesses, but outsourcing overcomes this challenge.


You’ve heard the phrase ‘content is king’. It’s true, content is everything you do; the clever tweets, the new email newsletter, the text on your website. Content marketing affects short- and long-term efforts and projects. It establishes your voice, incites customers to action and is one of the main pillars of SEO. It’s true that no one knows your product better than you, but explaining why your product is what a customer needs in the right language has tripped over many entrepreneurs.


Content may be king, but a striking visual can make the greater impression on a new customer. Display advertising performs a valuable service in retaining attention and prompting action from potential customers. Effective placement guarantees a steady return on initial investment and there is also the added bonus of re-targeting people who’ve had previous experience with your company, bringing in additional traffic to your website. With the right team to guide your display ads and set the correct targeting, you experience immediate growth.


You can bring thousands of visitors to your website but, if the website is not user-friendly, no advertisement can convert them into a loyal customer. User experience in the digital age can make or break your product – especially, if it’s a mobile application or software. To make matters harder, intuitive has a fluid definition. The challenge is in discovering what intuitive means for your ideal customer – a riddle only those with specialised knowledge, skills and resources are fit to solve.


Analytics answers the question – “Who is my audience?”– and conversion rate optimisation helps to convince your audience to take the step from visitor to customer. Both processes work behind the scenes in tandem to strengthen and guide your other digital marketing efforts. In that sense, the work you put into tracking traffic, analysing it, and putting that knowledge into calculated action is invaluable. Once you know how your ideal customers behave, you can modify your marketing efforts to deliver maximum engagement with your brand. It’s a heavy-duty task that most smaller and middle-sized companies can’t carry out. Sales-Promotions, on the other hand, breathes metrics and has the tools and techniques to perform this duty.


Influencer marketing delivers the virtues of your product to your intended audience through an opinion leader (someone with strong social capital and established rapport with your customers). As a marketing strategy, influencer marketing is new and has yet to enjoy a boom. Now that ad-blockers have restricted efficacy of tried and tested advertising methods, influencer marketing has a two-fold effect: 1) you bypass ad-block tools, and 2) you build a stronger social presence through association with your influencer. Become a successful early developer with an outsourced team.


We arrive at the end and for the last entry, we have a fitting service every company must perform at ready intervals; a digital audit. You’ve put effort, time and resources into running campaigns and engineering strategies. Now is the time to step back and survey the bigger picture. What has worked and what hasn’t.

A successful audit breaks down your overall marketing into components and analyses conversion rates against each other and against your direct competition. Adopting a regular audit practice gives your digital marketing the flexibility to adjust course. Doing it correctly, however, calls in very specific resources and expertise that most companies do not have in house.

Digital marketing appeals and attracts because, on average, most services and practices do not cost as much as advertisement through traditional media channels. But once you start, your output needs to grow in order to keep up with competitors. To develop even one of the aforementioned services to its fullest potential, you need to know the intricacies of each tool and adapt to any change.

The solution? Gain optimal results with a small investment in a specialised outsourced team.

Sales-Promotions has the market on digital marketing cornered. Outsource any and all of the above digital marketing services with the confidence that they’ll be realised with vision, precision and dedication. Powerful tools and results-oriented methods turn a modest investment into invaluable knowledge of your audience and how they engage with your brand. Book your FREE digital consultation today by contacting our expert team at