Planning a Promotion

Planning a Successful Campaign

A successful promotion can provide you with vital marketing information and be a key driver of sales. However, before any promotion is launched, there are a number of important steps that should be followed.

Step 1
Determine your promotion objectives.
What are you trying to achieve by running a promotion?
Step 2
Draw on past experience.
What has worked/not worked for you in the past? Why? What made it successful/unsuccessful?
Step 3
Determine your budget.
Identify how much you will need to invest in order to achieve the promotion objectives.
Step 4

Determine which external promotional service provider will be responsible for implementing, managing and reporting on the promotion.
Consider which service provider has the best "fit" to achieve your goals. How is this provider going to achieve these goals?

Does the service provider offer:

  • Multi-Lingual Mail/Postal Claim Processing
  • Multi-Currency Payment Processing
  • Multi-Lingual Online & Manual Data Capture
  • Financial Reconciliation and Reporting
  • Claim Review (Online & Manual)
  • Multi-Lingual Customer Support via Email
  • Claim Validation and Rejection
Step 5
Identify a promotion that reinforces your brand image.
Step 6
Define specific milestones within the implementation process of the promotion.
Is there a pre-determined project management tool to guide implementation timelines and ensure that the promotion is complete prior to the planned launch date?
Step 7
Communicate your planned promotion to all parties involved.
What advertising will be required to inform the market of your promotion? What information will your distribution channel need in order to sell the benefits to your customers?