SP Legal Service

Legally Compliant Promotions

At Sales-Promotions, we know the importance of ensuring that all promotions, no matter how big or small, are legally compliant.

SP Legal Service provides legal advice to clients that are interested in launching a promotional campaign across one or multiple countries. We provide clients with the reassurance that their promotional practices are fully compliant with the Laws, Codes and Acts of the country in which the campaign is executed.

Key Benefits

  • Being legally compliant in every jurisdiction means that your campaign will avoid being deemed by local authorities as “misleading”, “aggressive”, or “coercive”
  • Enhances your brand image and strengthens relationship with both consumers and businesses as none of your company’s commercial practices would be regarded as “unfair”
  • Quick and efficient process as all legal data is at hand; Sales-Promotions has ample experience in launching fully comprehensive and lawful promotions across more than 30 countries
  • Highly cost effective as it removes the need for you to conduct the research and consult with legal firms in each country
  • Being compliant with local laws and codes means that your company will avoid any general prohibition, restriction or sanction in any country, including all European Member States, until the European commercial law is fully harmonised

Case Study: Global Cashback Campaign

Step 1

Client wants to launch a multi-country cashback promotion.

Step 2

Sales-Promotions reviews promotion application and ensures that activities are compliant with the promotional laws in each country.

Step 3

Sales-Promotions provides feedback on level of compliance and makes recommendations where necessary.

Step 4

Client reviews feedback and finalises campaign set-up.

Step 5

Legally compliant global cashback campaign is launched.