SP Randomiser

Secure Winner Selection Process

Our SP Randomiser software provides a secure process to randomly select winners for competitions and sweepstakes.

SP Randomiser is ideal in cases where a draw must take place at a specific geographical location. The draw process uses an encrypted data file which is loaded into the programme. The result is a specific number of winners selected through a random process where each entry has an equal chance of success.

Key Benefits

  • Unlimited and convenient tool which can be applied to multiple promotions
  • Easy-use system with manageable interface
  • Ensures a truly fair winner selection process
  • Advanced technology protects and secures participants’ privacy
  • Ensures laws and regulations of each state are abided by
  • Restricts non-eligible participants from entering draw
  • A fast and effective software tool that generates instant results
randomiser graph

Sales-Promotions prepares the list of entries and configures the draw.

The client logs in to SP Randomiser using a secure access code that is provided by Sales-Promotions.

The client securely uploads the draw data file which has been encrypted by Sales-Promotions.

The client specifies the number of winners that should be selected and then clicks on the "Launch Draw" button.

Once the draw has been processed, the winning entries are displayed on the screen.

The client exports the list of winners and then receives two files; one is encrypted and one is non-encrypted.

The client saves the non-encrypted file and sends the encrypted file to Sales-Promotions.

A cross check of several random entries from the winners list is conducted between the client and Sales-Promotions to ensure transparency.