SP Nexus

Promoting Loyalty through Rewards

Loyalty programmes are structured marketing campaigns that reward and encourage loyal buying and/or selling behaviour.

SP Nexus can deliver a powerful and effective bespoke programme that will generate a lasting brand experience and increased allegiance with your employees, resellers and customers. Our loyalty programmes can be as simple or as sophisticated as you require, depending on your needs, goals and budget.

Key Benefits

  • Unique programme that provides a tailored solution to your requirements
  • Effective tool for driving sales by enhancing loyalty among staff and customers
  • Multi-functional platform that is straightforward and easy to navigate at all user levels
  • Central management from a single platform provides increased control and visibility of all processes
  • Allows you to monitor sales activity, sellers’ performance and effectiveness of promotions across multiple markets
  • 24/7 reporting tool allows you to effectively manage rewards and control budgets
  • Customisable platform allows you to host dynamic content, such as demo videos and flash banners which can be used to educate staff and customers about products and promotions
  • Effective tool for communicating with store managers, salespeople and consumers about new product launches and promotional offers

SP Nexus Portal Applications and User Types

Consumer Reward

Reward consumer loyalty, obtain valuable information about your consumers and communicate directly to your market, i.e. updates on special offers, new product launches, company news and events.

Staff/Reseller Incentive Programme

Measure staff performance and reward team members for positive performance, i.e. product sales, knowledge, customer service skills. Rewards can be issued in the form of cash (via wire transfer or branded prepaid card) or physical goods.


Multi-user portals allow you to reward reseller/staff performance and also reward consumers for their purchases. Each user can access the same portal but would be presented with different information depending on their user profile.