SP Nexus Suppliers

Selling Products through Rewards

SP Nexus provides clients with a powerful and effective bespoke loyalty reward programme that helps to generate a lasting brand experience and increased allegiance with employees, resellers and customers.

Every individual will have different preferences when it comes to rewards. Although many people may be motivated by monetary rewards, others may prefer to receive physical goods. An innovative approach to generating additional revenue for your business, the SP Nexus Supplier Programme provides you with the opportunity to become a leading provider of incentivised products on a global scale.

Key Benefits

  • New revenue stream for your business
  • Increased market presence and brand exposure
  • Access to new customers and markets
  • Full control over the range and volume of products that you wish to feature
  • Cross-promotional opportunities
  • Access to a large pool of repeat customers who are part of a long-term incentive scheme
  • 24/7 online tracking system allows you to monitor product orders
  • As a supplier, Sales-Promotions will actively promote your brand to SP Nexus clients

The Redemption Process

Whether a loyalty programme is designed for resellers or consumers, the registered user would complete the following steps when using their reward points to purchase a product.

Step 1 Log in to the loyalty portal
Step 2 View current points balance
Step 3 Visit the 'Rewards' page and browse through the product catalogue. Use filters to view products by category, brand name, price range, etc.
Step 4 Select product/s and confirm order
Step 5 Confirmation is sent to both the user and the supplier via email
Step 6 User receives the product/s via post