SP Campus

Rewarding Staff Skills and Knowledge

Want to improve the sales skills and knowledge of your staff? With recent research showing that online training can be up to 93% cheaper than instructor-led courses, the way we learn is evolving. Online training is convenient, cost-effective and affordable.

Our SP Campus software allows you to recognise and reward your sellers/resellers for completing online assessments and training modules. It can be offered as a fully branded standalone portal, or can be combined with a standard loyalty incentive programme which rewards staff based on their sales performance. SP Campus can promote loyalty and enhance your sellers’ knowledge of the business, ultimately improving their selling skills.

Key Benefits

Incentivises and encourages salespeople to learn

Enhances staff knowledge and skills, resulting in improved performance and service delivery

Allows you to effectively monitor staff performance and identify training needs

Allows salespeople to easily track and measure their own performance

Can be offered as a standalone e-learning/training portal or combined with a sales incentive scheme where salespeople are rewarded for both knowledge and sales levels

Completely customisable platform in terms of design and content, i.e. can include links to multiple pages including Company News, Events, Bonus Awards, FAQs, etc.

24/7 access to online reports which can be filtered and exported to Excel

User-friendly system that is easy for both managers and salespeople to navigate