SP Campaign Manager

Centralised Promotion Management System

SP Campaign Manager is an online solution that is ideal for any business that wants to centralise and streamline their promotion set-up process. Whether you are a large multi-national or local SME, this software provides a one-stop-shop for implementing and managing your promotional campaigns.

SP Campaign Manager allows your managers or team leaders to login to a fully branded site and submit an online promotion set-up form. Sales-Promotions reviews the application and provides a quote for the management and fulfilment of the promotion. Your appointed Account Manager is then responsible for reviewing the request and deciding whether or not it should be approved. All approved promotions are then fully managed by Sales-Promotions as per our unique end-to-end service solution.

Key Benefits

  • Central management tool where managers across the globe can submit promotion applications through one simple online portal
  • Standardised back-end process, which means a more efficient system; easier and quicker set-up process, document upload functions, and tighter security as data is hosted in one location
  • Provides a synchronised customer experience as every promotion will follow the same process
  • Provides one platform that is adaptable and can accommodate multiple promotion types
  • Allows senior management to monitor and control the actions of each country manager
  • Excellent online reporting system which can be accessed at any time
  • 24/7 customer and client support

Step 1

Business wants to boost sales and shift excess inventory in their region.

Step 2

Manager logs in to SP Campaign Manager using unique login details.

Step 3

Manager completes and submits an online promotion set-up form and submits for approval.

Step 4

Sales-Promotions reviews the application and provides a quotation for the administration, management and fulfilment of the promotion.

Step 5

The regional Account Manager reviews the promotion request along with the provisional quote and decides if it should be approved.

Step 6

Upon approval, the promotion request is submitted to the Sales-Promotions team who then manage the set-up and execution of the campaign.