SP Call Centre

Bespoke Data Collection Solution

SP Call Centre is a customised data collection solution which allows you to gather valuable information and feedback from your end consumers.

Whether you are a large multi-national or SME, this service is ideal for any company that values consumer opinion and strives to tailor its products or services to meet consumer needs and ultimately increase revenue. Simply provide us with your consumer database and specify the type of information or data that you would like to obtain. Our team will contact each of your consumers directly and gather the required data. We will then present this to you in a detailed report along with recommendations for future research and promotional activity.

Key Benefits

  • Consolidates and simplifies the data collection process
  • Allows you to obtain valuable feedback directly from your customers
  • Data collected enables you to make decisions on new product/service development or improvements to current products and services
  • Feedback allows you to measure the quality of customer service provided by your staff members and decide if additional training and development is required
  • Easy to manage costs as you can dictate and cap spending
  • Strengthens your relationship with consumers and enhances brand image as demonstrates that you acknowledge and value feedback from your customers

Case Study: Measuring the quality of Customer Service provided to consumers across multiple stores

Client provides Sales-Promotions with consumer database and list of data that they want to obtain.
Sales-Promotions contacts each customer (acting on behalf of the client) and asks them a list of predefined questions.
In the event that a customer cannot be reached, the SP Call Centre team will make a total of three attempts. If requested by the client, the process is repeated again at an additional cost.
When the survey is complete, the SP team compiles and presents all data in a detailed report along with suggestions for future research areas and promotional activity.
The client uses the feedback to assess the level of customer service provided across each store, and identify where there is a need for training. The client can then plan and execute the training across these stores.