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December 9, 2014

Sales-Promotions Makes a Donation to Childline

This week we dropped down to Childline in Dublin to support their very inspirational work. We met with Aisling Andrews from Childline and she spoke to us about their situation.

Childline, which is part of the ISPCC (The Irish Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children) runs a phoneline 24 hours a day to protect and support young people. Sadly, if Childline does not receive enough funding, their night time service will come to an end. Ultimately this means that 45,000 calls from children will not be answered in 2015.

In a recent article Childline revealed statistics about their calls from January to September 2014. 44% of the calls that they received were about personal life and 14% were calls concerning abuse and welfare. As well as this, we discovered from Aisling that the night time service is especially important for children as they can feel more comfortable calling at this time.

On the behalf of Sales-Promotions, Janice Carlin and Una Lancaster made a €500 donation to Childline to help them continue their night time service.

If you are interested in getting involved too you can donate €4 to Childline by texting ‘CHILDLINE’ to 57911 or you can donate online.