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June 2, 2017

Push vs Pull Marketing: What you need to know

Marketing terms can confuse the best of us at times.  There are quite a few different marketing methods or ways used to generate leads for a business. Two often-conflicting methods are outlined below. We’ve summarised what these are, given you some examples and will allow you to make up your own mind on which type suits your brand best.

What is Push Marketing?

Push Marketing generally refers to methods of promotion that are derived by business’ targeting consumers with their product/service in a direct manner.  An example of this would be a Sales Specialist trying to sell a product or service via cold calling.  The offer to purchase was put directly to the potential consumer and they decide to take it or not.

Another naming convention given to Push Marketing is Interruption Marketing. An advantage of this type of promotion would be if your brand/product were relatively unknown this would help build brand awareness. A possible disadvantage is in comparison to Pull Marketing in seems to come in more expensive.

What is Pull Marketing?

Pull Marketing is often composed of methods that entice customers to come to you.  A typical example of this would be word of mouth referral.

One advantage this type of Marketing has over Push is that is attempts to create brand loyalty and is not predominantly concerned with the shorter-term sale or lead generation. Another would be your potential clients are already actively searching for a solution when they come across a Pull tactic.

From the above points it’s clear that Push Marketing leans on the paid spectrum while Pull Marketing happens more organically. In summary, both have a valid place in an organisation, some at different stages of business growth. Your particular industry or brand identity may also dictate or leverage one over the other.

Helping your Business Grow

If you want to increase your chances of success in your next campaign, we have some amazing consulting services that can assist. At Sales-Promotions we have vast experience in delivery comprehensive, flexible and end-to-end Marketing solutions. If you want to use some Pull techniques we can assist with the following:

  • Trade-In;
  • Try Before You Buy;
  • Sweepstakes and;
  • Loyalty Incentive Programmes

Contact Sales-Promotions today to discuss how to innovate your business strategy.