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June 5, 2015

Nikon won Prepaid365 Best Gifting Prepaid Card Award 2015

Sales-Promotions is delighted to announce that the Nikon Prepaid Card, issued to consumers who successfully participated in their 2014 ‘Lens Cashback’ campaign, has won the Best Gifting Prepaid Card Award at the 2015 Prepaid365 Awards.

The Prepaid365 Awards are the UK’s definitive and most representative consumer prepaid awards where accolades and recognition are delivered solely based on consumer votes. The 7th edition of the awards received 157 entries across 30 categories, with over 1 million consumer votes received.

Nikon launched its ‘Lens Cashback’ campaign in October 2014 across Denmark, Finland, Norway and Sweden. The campaign was open to any consumers who purchased a qualifying Nikon lens product during the promotional period. Participants were required to register their details online and upload a copy of their product receipt and warranty. Once a claim has been verified, the cashback value was loaded on to the Nikon prepaid card, enclosed inside the fully branded card carrier, and issued to the customer.

Amit Sharma, CEO and Senior Prepaid Consultant at Prepaid365, commented: “A multi-currency, multi-regional prepaid gift card, the Nikon prepaid gift card delivers exceptional value to consumers as a reward for their Nikon purchases along with all the benefits associated with open loop prepaid gift cards. The card is also producing tangible differences in consumer uptake of Nikon offers. Congratulations to the Nikon team on this win!”

Sales-Promotions worked closely with Nikon to plan, execute and manage this successful promotional campaign.

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