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September 14, 2017

3 Promotional Ideas to Increase Sales

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A good product is key to your longevity, but even the best ideas under perform if there’s no one to pay attention. Overcome the information overload that’s part and parcel of our digital era with promotional strategies that always hit the mark. The three campaign types explored below generate interest and deliver the optimal conditions to have your products fly off the shelves.


A brand has nothing without loyalty and cashback promotions have proven time and time again to sway consumer decision making.

The results are immediate:

  • You gather valuable customer data;
  • Customers are more likely to subscribe to email notifications;
  • Those customers who do respond to cashback promotions display long-term brand loyalty;
  • You can turn fledgling products into immediate hits.

At the same time, overall cashback redemption remains at modest rates. This means you’re not over spending. Sales-Promotions has you reap all the benefits without having to concern yourself about the day-to-day operations involved in running a cashback promotion. From early conceptual stages to building, running and executing, there’s a dedicated account manager to maximise your campaign’s success.


Endorphin and purchases go readily hand in hand, and online competitions have been at the forefront of galvanising customers into action. Even before the rise of social media, online competitions served as a low-cost means to rouse interest. Today the combination of social media and mobile-accessible contest formats magnifies results to wholly new dimensions. Afterwards, each winner becomes a long-term marketing resource to build your image.

Running an online competitions has its finery, which Sales-Promotions understands. With our team in your corner, you’d have efficient campaign set-up and management alongside a detailed legal check against local country laws. We maintain communication with entrants and deliver full support across several languages.


What every customer thinks about when making a purchase is – ‘Have I bought a product that is going to last?’ Money-back guarantees are the quickest way to answer that question with a strong, resounding ‘Yes’. Nothing makes a bolder statement to a customer than promising a refund and it is why this promotional strategy has been working for decades. Short term you boost sales, while long term you build a legacy. Even have the wiggle room to increase price points as customers are willing to pay more for this additional security blanket.

Optimise your campaign results with Sales-Promotions’ expert management. We’re here to build the promotional microsite, monitor performance and analyse results. At the same time, our team sends out branded email notifications and assumes a leading role in handling and validating claims.

Whether on their own or in concert, these campaign types strengthen any brand and the team at Sales-Promotions is ready to give you a quote today. So let’s get started!