Promotion Risk Management Solutions

Launching a successful and innovative campaign requires effective planning, forecasting and, of course, the budget to make it happen. As with all promotional campaigns, your budget is based on an estimation of how well you think it will perform. With this type of decision-making, there’s always a risk of underestimating performance and overstepping your budget.

By collaborating with us for your promotional needs, we can help minimise this risk. With our fixed fee solution, you can cap your promotional costs, providing you with the complete reassurance to run risk-managed campaigns.

Our experienced team will review all of your requirements using a comprehensive checklist and, based on this and the knowledge gained through years of managing similar campaigns, will advise on a realistic redemption forecast.

Whether you’re planning on launching a local or multi-country campaign, we want you to have complete confidence in your promotional decisions. No matter the volume of participation, you can rest assured that your budget won’t spiral out of control.


You plan to launch a B2C cashback campaign offering €50 on the purchase of a newly launched camera.
You forecast sales of 20,000 units and an estimated redemption level of 45%, equating to a total of €450,000 in the value of cashback issued.
You advertise the promotion on your own website, on your retailers’ sites, in-stores, on your social media platforms and in the press.
You’ve budgeted for a 45% redemption volume, but the uptake is much higher than anticipated and your forecasted budget takes a huge hit.

Let us protect you against any financial hit with our over-redemption cover. Taking the above scenario with a forecasted redemption of 45%, we could agree that claim volumes could potentially reach 65%. The difference in cost between 45% and 65% redemption is €200,000.

For a fraction of this cost, we can offer you a policy that guarantees, in the event of over-redemption, your total cost remains fixed. We will cover the costs of all claims over 45% redemption and up to 65% redemption.

Let’s work together on your next risk-managed campaign. Get in touch with us today and find out how we can help you achieve your promotional goals.