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May 21, 2013

Pat Macken discusses European Business Award Success on Newstalk

Pat Macken, Managing Director of Sales-Promotions, had the wonderful opportunity of discussing the European Business Awards on Newstalk’s “Down to Business” programme with renowned entrepreneur, Bobby Kerr.

Pat Macken at Newstalk

The Taxback Group, parent company of Sales-Promotions, won this award back in 2010. Pat Macken was invited on the show to discuss the effect the award has had on the Group’s  success rate.

The interview underlined the high distinction of the European Business Award and how it has given companies in the Group including Sales-Promotion instant recognition amongst global industries. Pat expressed how the award has provided the business with strong credibility through which valuable business opportunities have been gained. The recognition has helped to sustain and boost Group sales and enhance its reputation significantly.

Another  part of the interview focused on the preparation needed for attaining the Business European Award. Pat Macken explained how the application process required that companies reviewed their practices and procedures and examined how their goals are achieved.

The discussion between Bobby Kerr and Pat Macken also stressed the value of the European Business Award in terms of gaining opportunities to work with similar businesses.

The interview took place on the 19th of May and you can listen to it on the Newstalk website here.