Vat Rebate Service

As a result of running a consumer or trade cashback campaign, you may be entitled to recover VAT on the element of cash back paid.

Together with our sister company, Taxback International, we can help you claim back any VAT that you are entitled to. We will not only ensure that your cashback promotions are VAT compliant, but our VAT rebate service means that you may also benefit from a potentially cost-neutral promotion. What’s more, we can also file for any previous overpayments to be refunded to your business from earlier promotional activity.

VAT Rebate Service Free VAT refund calculation
Cost Effective Promotions Potentially cost-neutral promotion
VAT Compliance Assurance that you are 100% VAT Compliant
Fast VAT claim service Fast and effective service
Global VAT Rebate Claims Global coverage with local support
VAT Recovery Solutions One-stop VAT recovery solution
VAT Rebate Claim Step1 You launch a cashback campaign
VAT Rebate Claim Step2 VAT is charged on the sale of each product
VAT Rebate Claim Step3 VAT is transferred to the local tax office
VAT Rebate Claim Step4 Buyer submits cashback claim
VAT Rebate Claim Step5 Claim is processed and the rebate is issued to the buyer
VAT Rebate Claim Step6 Overpaid VAT is calculated by
VAT Rebate Claim Step7 You are advised on the VAT refund amount due
VAT Rebate Claim Step8 prepares the paperwork and files the adjusted amounts with the tax office
VAT Rebate Claim Step9 The VAT refund is processed and issued to you

Use our VAT rebate calculator below to instantly calculate how much VAT you could potentially claim back from your cashback promotion.

Let us help you claim back any overpaid VAT from your cashback campaigns.