Legal Advice

We know the importance of ensuring that all promotions, no matter how big or small, are legally compliant.

Whether you’re interested in launching a single or multi-country campaign, our expert legal team will provide you with the reassurance that your promotional practices are fully compliant with local country laws and codes.

Key Benefits

  • Being legally compliant in every jurisdiction means that your campaign will avoid being viewed as “misleading”, “aggressive”, or “coercive”
  • Enhances your brand image and strengthens relationships with both consumers and businesses as none of your commercial practices would be regarded as “unfair”
  • Quick and efficient process as all legal data is at hand; we have ample experience in launching fully comprehensive and lawful promotions across more than 90 countries
  • Highly cost effective as it removes the need for you to conduct the research and consult with legal firms in each country
  • Full legal compliance allows you to avoid any general prohibition, restriction or sanction in any country

Case Study: Global Cashback Campaign

Worldwide coverage icon
Step 1
You plan to launch a multi-country cashback promotion.
promotion review and evaluation
Step 2
We review the application to ensure that all activities are compliant with the promotional laws in each country.
checklists and feedback
Step 3
We provide you with feedback on the level of compliance and make the necessary recommendations.
finished promotional campaign setting up
Step 4
You review the feedback, adopt the necessary measures and finalise the campaign set-up.
promotion success
Step 5
Your legally compliant global cashback campaign is launched.

Let us ensure that your local and global promotional activities are legally compliant.