Linksys Treasure Map Campaign

Selected Linksys products
3 months
£5, £25 and £100 Amazon Vouchers


  • Drive sales of key Linksys products
  • Increase brand awareness in UK market


Upon purchasing a qualifying product:

  1. Customer visits the promotional site and selects the claim link
  2. Customer completes step one and two of the claim form and uploads proof of purchase
  3. Credits are automatically issued based on the product/s entered
  4. On step three of the claim form, the customer uses the earned credits to choose a tile on the treasure map image
  5. Upon selecting the tile and submitting the entry, the user is immediately notified if they have won a prize
  6. If a prize has been won, claim details are reviewed and, upon verification, the prize is issued to the participant
  7. All campaign data is tracked and provided to the client


  • Growth in sales of promotional products
  • Increased market share

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