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April 27, 2017

Why Your Brand Needs A Style Guide

With many people playing a vital role in any brands touch points, without the use of a single point of consultation the tone and delivery of that corporate identity would go astray, this is where the Style Guide comes in!

What is a Style Guide?

For all the world a Style Guide is your brand’s bible, it covers details such as logo usage, typeface, colour palette, tone of voice and other guidelines. A Style Guide comes into particular use when dealing with Designers or Printers; it’s used to keep consistency across your points of communication.

What to Remember when Creating Brand Guidelines

Style Guides, which can often be referred to as Brand Guides, can be as in depth or as brief as you see fit for your brand at that particular time. If you only use certain mediums of communication then only refer to those.

However informative you are when creating your Brand Guidelines it’s important to showcase examples throughout as a point of reference. This includes good examples along with what not to do.

Growing with your Brand

As your business flourishes you will need to stay on top of your Style Guide and adapt to the changes. Often over time brands decide to rebrand themselves and your Brand Guide should reflect these changes as they happen.

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