Client Data Security

Optimum Data Protection

Sales-Promotions is committed to protecting all client information and uses a comprehensive set of best practice policies for IT security and business control. These policies include:

Sensitive Data Handling

As Sales-Promotions handles a lot of sensitive information, we place the highest priority on ensuring that sensitive data is securely stored, transmitted and disposed of as required. Our data handling policy covers all measures that must be taken to ensure that all sensitive data is handled correctly.

Office and ICT Data Centre Physical Access

Sales-Promotions is committed to providing physical protection of all its networks and ICT equipment by restricting all external access to the server environments. This policy covers the rules for access to common office space, restricted office space and our ICT Data Centre.

ICT Equipment Rulebook

This covers the approved physical builds for server hardware, the rules for installing operating systems, accepted network hardware and all configuration templates.

BC/DR Playbook

This covers our business continuity and disaster recovery plans so that we are fully prepared in the event of any unplanned disruptions to our IT systems and networks.

Sales-Promotions continuously strives to preserve the confidentiality, integrity and reliability of information. This commitment is further highlighted by our ISO 9001 Certification and association with bodies such as the IT Service Management Forum (itSMF).

In the Promotional Management and Fulfilment industry, we believe that our commitment to IT Security sets us apart from our competitors, while our philosophy towards it ensures that we remain at the cutting edge.