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The 5 CES Products Poised to Win Big in 2018


January saw the return of the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas – the crown jewel of trade shows for the personal electronics market. Amidst great feats of showmanship and flair, the world’s most entrepreneurial brands reimagined home, life and reality as we know it.


The hype machine may have made a thousand promises, but the products to make an impact in the young 2018 are going to be few. Let’s see the selection of products that may just as well live up to their companies’ marketing narrative.

AMIMON – No More Strings!

VR has been waiting to make the jump into full immersion since Oculus Rift hit the world market back in 2016. Amimon, who specialize in wireless HD video technology with zero latency, arrived at CES having done just that – removed the strings.


Their new product allows for advanced video transmissions that’s completely wireless, elevating VR, AR and mixed reality in the process. Hop into a different dimension where you’re free to go as you please.


Early adopters of VR technology have been waiting for this moment, and the live demos at CES have earned top marks.


DOJO by Bullguard – Next Level Software Protection

Bullguard addresses causes of concern for the age of the Internet of Things, where more connected devices at home mean richer opportunities for hackers to access, tamper and steal valuable private information.


The company, known for anti-malware Internet security products, introduced Dojo – the vanguard in smart home cybersecurity that insulates your private network from hackers’ attacks. The Dojo is small (the product resembles a decorative stone) and relies on pattern recognition technology to maintain your network’s safety.


CAPSULIER – Release Your Inner Barista

Many are willing to go at great lengths for the perfect cup of coffee. Capsulier reduces the amount of effort to pushing a single button. Enjoy the freedom of being your own barista by blending your own coffee capsules from scratch.


It’s eco-friendly. Takes no longer than a few minutes. Uses the blend you want (yes, especially the rare bland only that one specialty coffee shop sells).


Capsulier is a proof of concept in favor of simplicity in design. Capsulier gives you further creative control over your capsule through a number of settings that subtly influence taste and smell.


NOMADIC AUDIO – Sound That Travels Far

The party travels with you no matter how many borders you cross with Nomadic Audio Speakase – a next-generation full-scale Hi-Fi quality speaker embedded in a carry-on suitcase.


This is the new advent of portable speakers as you combine the depth, clarity and strength of sound with the durability of a shock-absorbent suitcase. It’s a match made in heaven that’s never been seen before.


What further attracts to the Speakase is its light weight, easy mobility, water resistance and stylish design. It’s the one carry-on suitcase you want everyone to see you with. And everyone certainly did at the CES demos.


Wi-Charge – Charging Without Wires

Every technological innovation has led us to this moment – automatic wireless charging.


Throw out your chargers. Stop looking for power outlets the minute you enter a restaurant or get to the airport. Your battery will stay at 100%, you guessed it, 100% of the time.


All thanks to infrared. Wi-Charge is a wireless power startup that utilizes infrared to charge your mobile devices. The process is simple – you just need to place your device in direct line of sight and Wi-Charge does the rest automatically for as many devices there are in the room. It’s so good the Wi-Charge returned home distinguished with the CES 2018 Best of Innovation Award.